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Combating antisemitism through young adults

Israel Equality

Two million Palestinians/Arab citizens currently live in Israel and 21% of Israel’s population is comprised of Arabs who have equal rights with Israeli Jewish citizens. They can vote in elections, shop in the same stores, as well as serve in the Knesset, police force, IDF, and the Supreme Court.

Jews are consistently the most targeted religious community in the U.S.

In 2020, 2,024 reported antisemitic incidents throughout the country.

Indigenous Rights

The Jewish people are indigenous to the land of Israel, there is historical and archeological evidence of Jewish presence for more than 3000 years.


Zionism is a movement for the self determination of the Jewish people in their ancestral homeland, and a

demand for equality for the Jewish people.


We are a group of young adults from Brooklyn, New York embarking on a journey to combat Antisemitism.


We Educate

Through Education -- We have a variety of events including hands on projects, professional workshops, book clubs, and panels. 


We unite

Through Uniting — We plan and host fun, interactive, and inspiring events focused on raising awareness and bringing young individuals together in support of world Jewry.

By Uniting — We plan and host fun, interactive, and inspiring events focused on bringing young individuals together in support of world Jewry. 


Through Empowerment We aim to empower young Jewish communities by speaking with students in high school, college campuses, Hillels, Chabads, synagogues, seminars, and more. With our influential leadership and speakers, we create a strong sense of passion when interacting with young adults.

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EIE impacted over 5,000 people including 3,000 students​​

EIE targeted over 7 fraternities

EIE is running programing in 3 different Yeshivas ​​


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