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Meet the Team

We're not just targeting young adults. We are young adults.



Michael Harary


Enough is Enough allows me to stand up against the appalling hatred towards our Jewish nation and hold a sense of responsibility for my Jewish roots.

Frieda Cohen


Enough is Enough helps me honor Holocaust survivors by empowering this generation to speak up against antisemitism.

Ronnie Kassin


I got involved in Enough is Enough because I feel I can no longer be a

bystander in the fight on


David Mizrahi


I chose to be a part of Enough is Enough because I believe we can all make a difference by coming together to create change.


Daniel Bildirici


Advisory Council

Through Enough is Enough I aim to make a difference by educating and investing in our youth. They are the next generation of leaders.

Barbara Melamed


Education Coordinator

I saw a lacking of education and skill when it came to fighting Antisemitism and I wanted to educate myself while helping those around me learn more as well.

Marcy Tebele


Education Coordinator

Enough is Enough allows me to share my passion in Holocaust education by educating and expressing the importance of fighting against antisemitism.

Legal & Finance

Joseph Abraham


Israel Relations Specialist

and Treasurer

If I call Israel my home but don’t actively fight for its right to remain, then who will? If I am A Jew and don’t fight for the right for the Jewish people to exist, then no one will.

Jonathan Parker


Empowerment Specialist

and Legal

My involvement in Enough is Enough has allowed me to develop my connection to Judaism and has given me the tools to enact positive change by combatting antisemitism


Danny i massry


Events Coordinator

Enough is Enough helps me do my part by giving our community the courage and knowledge to combat anti-semitism.

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