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Jewish and Proud: Small Ways to Display Your Judaism on the Daily

Updated: Apr 9

You don’t need another blog post to inform you that anti-Semitism is a concerning issue affecting Jews worldwide. Seeing the news and hearing the statistics can often be disheartening and leave a feeling of helplessness. It’s easy to assume that solutions to big global problems require big global efforts. The good news? That is not, in fact, the case.

There are many things you can do on a daily basis to combat anti-Semitism that don’t take much effort at all. One effective strategy is incorporating acts that display your pride in Judaism in your daily life. By doing so, not only are you combatting stereotypes and discrimination, but you are also inspiring and empowering Jews whom you encounter. Showcasing your Jewish identity also helps create spaces where other individuals feel safe celebrating their heritage. This approach sends a powerful message of solidarity and fosters a sense of belonging among Jews and invites others to engage in meaningful conversations to dispel misconceptions.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some actionable ideas to start displaying your Jewishness loud and proud. Choose your favorites, and encourage friends and family to do the same!

  1. Wearing Symbols: Donning a recognizably Jewish article of clothing or jewelry is a simple yet effective way to show the world your pride in Judaism. Depending on what you choose, this can look like wearing a kippah, touting jewelry with the Star of David or your Hebrew name, or choosing a shape that represents Judaism to you (the chamsa, a menorah, or a mezuza are a few examples).

  2. Celebrating Holidays: Observing Jewish holidays and traditions, such as lighting Hanukkah candles, participating in Passover Seders, or building a sukkah (hut) for the holiday of Sukkot, can be a meaningful way to showcase your Jewish pride. Bonus points for inviting friends and family to join in the celebrations and spread the holiday cheer!

  3. Attending Synagogue: Synagogues are about so much more than just prayer. The houses of worship have always been centers of Jewish communities, providing infrastructure that creates an active Jewish lifestyle and instilling a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, synagogues have become targets for hate crimes in recent years, and that makes attendance all the more important to prove that nothing can detract from our sense of Jewish pride (many synagogues have instated precautions to protect against such attacks, so find out your synagogue’s approach to safety).

  4. Engaging in Jewish Learning: Studying Jewish history, literature, philosophy, and religious texts not only deepens your knowledge but also enables you to share insights and join in discussions with others. Look for Jewish learning groups on campus or in your city, join an online study group, or read a Jewish text that speaks to you.

  5. Supporting Israel: Advocating for and supporting the state of Israel can be a way to connect with Jewish heritage due to its historical and cultural significance. Supporting Israel can come in many different forms, including displaying the Israeli flag, volunteering for or donating to organizations that help Israel, buying Israeli products, or being an advocate for Israel in your own life.

  6. Displaying Jewish Art: Similar to wearing Jewish symbols, incorporating Jewish artwork, posters, and artifacts in your living space can be a subtle way to showcase your pride. There is a wide range of Judaica art and objects available today, spanning style, budgets, and function.

  7. Enjoy Traditional Foods: Cooking and dining on traditional Jewish dishes with family and friends can help preserve cultural culinary practices and nurture a sense of identity. It’s also a great way to explore Jewish cultures outside your own (good news: Jewish food goes beyond jarred gefilte fish and stale matzah!). Additionally, behind many traditional Jewish foods are fascinating stories that relate to the time period in which they were developed or popularized. Take some time to learn about your Jewish gastronomical pick - you may satiate your mind as well as your palate.

  8. Supporting Jewish Causes: Contributing time, resources, or effort to organizations dedicated to preserving Jewish culture, assisting those in need, or promoting Jewish education can be a way to actively demonstrate your pride. Synagogues, youth groups, or Jewish community centers are all great places to find a cause that speaks to you.

  9. Using Social Media: If you’re anything like most of us in this day and age, much of your interpersonal interactions and exchange of ideas occur on social media. Why should your Jewish identity be excluded? Sharing posts, articles, and personal experiences related to Judaism on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or your social media platform of choice can raise awareness and promote understanding. Following Jewish creators and advocates can enhance your own appreciation for Judaism.

  10. Use your Hebrew Name: Your name is your identity. What better way to showcase Jewish character than being called by your Jewish name? Transitioning to a new name could be tricky, so just introducing yourself by the Hebrew version in specific settings (like at synagogue, for example) is a great place to start. Our suggestion? Take some time to research your given Jewish name. Learning the background and significance can foster feelings of connectedness to your Hebrew name.

Remember that displaying your Jewish identity is a personal choice, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Embrace your heritage and identity in a way that feels authentic and meaningful, and that pride will send a message of inspiration and strength to the world around you.

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